Wineglass Bay

Visitors tend to head straight for the iconic Freycinet Peninsula and Coles Bay which abounds with lovely walking tracks such as the classic Wineglass Bay walk, either to the Lookout which gives spectacular vistas down to the perfect arc of white sand, or down to the beach itself, and for those looking for more than a ramble, the slightly longer Hazards Circuit around the granite mountains.

Those who are time short understandably wish to experience this most photographed of landscapes.  The Wineglass Bay walk is not suitable for those with limited mobility although there are a couple of shorter walks which are much easier. The four hour Wineglass Bay Cruise will give a lovely perspective of the peninsula and the bay itself without any walking required. 

Those with a moderate fitness are well advised to request a walking guide for a day, and  Tasmanian Odyssey works with some of the best in Tasmania. For an even greater immersion into this precious wilderness, consider the lovely four day walk which includes three nights accommodation in a private and secluded eco lodge hidden off Friendly Beaches and has the great advantage of giving access to some of the most mesmerising parts of the peninsula through guided day walks while keeping well away from other tourists.




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