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Tasmanian Odyssey, as seen in...


Evening Standard

Flinders keepers: Stanley Johnson sets off on a Tasmanian odyssey


Financial Times

Fly-fishing: the lure of Tasmania
New tours are making it easier for anglers to explore the Australian island’s lakes and rivers – reputed to offer some of the world’s best trout fishing

Post Card From... Flinders Island


House & Garden

An eco-hotel in the Tasmanian wilderness


TTG (Travel Trade Gazette) Media

Offshore Adventures: Exploring Australia's Island
Fans of Australia will know the Whitsundays and Fraser Island but there are isles all around its coastline bursting with wildlife, beaches and adventure. Abigail Healy rounds up the destination’s island highlights


The Daily Mail

Poor little devils! Meet Tasmania's famously ferocious inhabitants whose population is being devastated by a facial tumour disease


The Guardian

Winter survival guide: where to go to get away
Can't face freezing rain or the wrong type of snow? Our guide to weathering winter has 10 ways to escape – from a foodie tour of Peru to going underground in Glasgow


The Independent

Flinders Island: Cast Away In Tasmania's 'Last Eden'
Flinders Island was named after the Englishman who first charted it and who coined the term 'Australia'. And, as James Stewart finds, it has changed little since then

Traveller's Guide: Tasmania
Once the butt of jokes from 'mainlanders', the island state has reinvented itself as a wilderness escape, with capital city Hobart adding cultural appeal

Wallabies, Wombats And Convicts: Adventures Off The Coast Of Tasmania
Australia’s island state is far from alone; it has its own islands that are ripe for exploration


The Telegraph

Tasmania's best wilderness retreats: breathing the purest air on the planet

The Three Capes Track: Tasmania's mists and mysteries unveiled


The Times

A destination guide to Tasmania, Australia’s wild southern outpost
It’s time for the Aussie island state to shine



Hiking the new Three Capes Track through Australia's wild Tasman Peninsula
As a new trail opens up one of Tasmania’s wildest beauty spots, Sarah Baxter explore the island’s convict history and bright future