Your Trip Makes A Difference

We are passionate about ensuring that our business contributes directly to the conservation of Tasmania through our every day actions as well as our annual donation to The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC).  The TLC aims to protect areas of high conservation values for species which are not adequately protected, and thanks to our guests' support, Tasmanian Odyssey plays an import role in conserving Tassie's natural beauty and wildlife. 

Our ethos of working only with locally owned and operated accommodation and tour owners is just one of our major points of difference.  Not only will your trip directly contribute to these people and their individual efforts to conserve the local flora and fauna, for these are all stewards of their land, but it also means that you will have the possible insight into true Tasmanian life and culture.  The meals you eat will all come from local producers, and often from the B&B owner’s own veggie patch, hens and livestock - even their own grapes!

While we appreciate that the ‘icons’ of Tasmania are still high on the list of many first time visitors, our preference is to take you off the beaten track, partly so you can travel the road less travelled, but also so you can bring much-needed tourism, albeit with a gentle footprint, to those who really need it.  Many of these places will not offer the trappings of 21st-century luxury that we may be used to in internationally recognised hotels and resorts, but your experience will be far richer for it, and the natural environment will continue to both thank and reward us for it. 

In addition to this, Tasmanian Odyssey also sponsors a Tasmanian Devil, ‘Prince Harry’, at Devils@Cradle, a wildlife sanctuary dedicated to the Tasmanian Devil and its cousins the Eastern and Spotted-tail Quoll.  

Thank you for your custom both from us, from those who will open their doors and their hearts to you in Tasmania, and from the animals and birds which continue to thrive in a world where they are under threat in every nook and cranny. Every trip booked through Tasmanian Odyssey makes a big difference to the many small operators and to the ongoing protection of Tasmania’s flora and fauna.


The Facts

Every booking you make with Tasmanian Odyssey will help conserve another little piece of land on one of the world’s most precious islands, and thus help to save another species from possible extinction.

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy (TLC) aims to protect areas of high conservation values for species which are not adequately protected. Each little contribution is a small but crucial part of the jigsaw, and ultimately the creation of a network of natural areas that truly deliver long term security for Tasmania’s natural species and ecosystems.

TLC works to establish permanent TLC reserves by acquiring the most important natural areas in the state on private land. Once the reserve is acquired, the TLC keeps these areas and manages them to ensure that the habitat for rare and endangered native plants and animals is maintained.

Tasmanian Odyssey is committed to making an annual contribution to the TLC. Our contributions so far, thanks to our guests' support, have helped with a very significant chain of wetlands on the east coast, called The Big Punchbowl, and the Little Swanport Reserve which is habitat for the critically endangered Swift Parrot.  Our 2020 contribution has gone towards conserving the Tinderbox Peninsula. Right on Hobart's doorstep, it has an incredibly rich mix of habitats brimming with wildlife including the Forty-Spotted Pardalote, Swift Parrot, Tasmanian Devil and Eastern Quoll.  For more information, click here.