Wildlife & Birding Experiences

Tasmanian Odyssey specialises in wildlife and birding holidays, giving our guests the best possible chance of spotting as many species as possible in their natural habitat - that's to say, in the wild.  Even the endangered Tasmanian Devil and elusive Duck-Billed Platypus can be seen by our guests on a self drive tour with careful planning and a bit of patience. 


Wildlife in Tasmania is abundant, unafraid, often unique to the island, and for the most part, relatively easy to spot if you know where to go. Compared to the mainland and other popular wildlife-spotting destinations, it is easy to get to within an exceptionally close proximity to birds and animals - a veritable dream come true for photographers.


Being a temperate island, birding is a pleasure at any time of day. 


However, due to the diverse ecology and diverse habitats, many of the species are only found in certain regions of Tasmania, and even where they can be found in abundance, you still need to know where and when to go.


We have over 20 years' experience of wildlife spotting, along with the best possible contacts, enabling us to craft itineraries that will take you to all the spots where you stand the best chance of seeing every species, with a bit of luck and patience.  


"The trip was fabulous and I am going to recommend you to all my friends.  You should know that your name opened a lot of doors in Tassie.  Everyone down there likes and respects you."


Tasmania is also fortunate to have some of the best wildlife and bird guides in Australia so those who enjoy a private guided experience can benefit from the expertise of those who have dedicated their lives to studying Tasmania's endemic animals and birds.


With some careful itinerary planning there is no reason why it isn’t possible to see all Tasmania’s wonderful creatures and birds in their natural habitat.


Even those with limited mobility can get 'up close and personal' with mammals, birds and reptiles in as natural an environment as possible. There are also some world-class wildlife sanctuaries which are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and releasing wildlife, and to educating others, locals and visitors alike, about the need to be vigilant and responsible.  


No matter what your preferred style of travel or your budget, we will work with you to create the best possible holiday to make your wildlife dreams come true.



Get in touch to learn more and create your once-in-a-lifetime wildlife and birding holiday with Tasmanian Odyssey.

Photo Credits: Tourism Tasmania and Rob Burnett