Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is definitely not part of Tasmania!  However, with a similar ethos to Tassie yet very different wildlife and birds (including Koalas and Sea Lions), it is a wonderful complement to any Tasmanian Odyssey. With direct flights between Hobart and Adelaide, it is also an easy addition for a couple of days, and ideal for those who want to see a little more of South Australia without too much arduous travelling.  


Kangaroo Island is Australia's third-largest island, the size of Bali or Long Island. With over 300 miles of pristine rugged coastline and 3400 square miles of diverse wildlife-rich landscapes, red dirt roads, sheep farms and bush, like Tassie, this island incorporates much of Australia in miniature. 


Although you can, of course, explore it independently, the only way to truly get under the skin of its wild beauty and ‘meet the locals’ is with the keen eyes and ears of your own local guide. 


The diverse geology, native vegetation and low population make this island Eden a refuge to over 268 species of birds, many species of mammal and over 900 species of plants.  Also like Tassie, many of these are subspecies unique to 'KI' - as the locals call their beloved island. 


Within minutes of landing at tiny Kingscote Airport from Adelaide, your eagle-eyed guide from our wonderful family-run tour company will have you virtually nose to nose with Sooty Kangaroos lazing in the bush and gazing up at picture postcard-perfect koalas, dozing a few feet away in the eucalypts.  After a KI-style picnic lunch on a private reserve, expertly prepared by your guide, a quiet walk through the bush will reveal KI's very own Tammar Wallabies, and a stroll down to the Seal Bay Conservation Park will bring you face to face with countless Australian Sea Lions splashing and diving in the surf, squabbling over territory and basking in the sun.  As you explore the island in an expertly-manoeuvred 4WD you can expect to see a flock of Glossy Black Cockatoos swooping overhead, while glorious colourful Galahs will call to you from the trees outside your B&B or lodge.


With a Mediterranean climate, KI can be visited at any time of year. While many species of bird and mammal can be seen year-round, each new season brings its own wildlife and birding highlights.  


We can take care of all your travel arrangements from Adelaide Airport, with daily flights.  Your island accommodation will be chosen to suit your very own style; choose from a delightful family-run homesteads and cosy Provencal style B&Bs with home-cooked dinners served with local wines (from the island's very own 12 wineries of course); or jolly hotels, intimate boltholes and lodges from rustic to the last word in luxury. 


For a completely tailor-made experience, your very own private guide awaits - perfect for a couple or family; if you prefer the company of others, join a small group tour with a handful of likeminded nature-lovers. No one knows Kangaroo Island better than the locals and we are proud to call them our friends!