Apart from the sheer tranquillity of gliding through the crystal-clear waterways surrounded by giant skies and mesmerising landscapes, there are few better ways in which to spot the normally elusive platypus, dolphin, sea eagles and albatross.


Guided kayak tours can be enjoyed in a number of locations around Hobart, the south and the east coast of the island. Many tours are absolutely suitable for anyone of any age and any level of experience from novice upwards. 


It may involve barely more than being gently carried downstream as the sun sets and the platypus come out to feed along the river bank.  The three hour guided Paddle with Platypus tour with Tassie Bound Adventures is one of the most enchanting ways of enjoying a close encounter with this most elusive of all creatures. 


Those who relish a challenge can head to Fortescue Bay on the Tasman Peninsula, or embark on a few days’ kayaking around the remote South-West National Park or blindingly beautiful Flinders Island.


Photo Credits: Poon Wai Nang, Ash Thompson Photography